Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Lately and WIAW

Our weekend was packed with more house guests. It has been fun having so many visitors this year but man is it exhausting. I never thought that a house equates to hosting guests so frequently a year ago.  

Since we had a first time visitor to the area we did some fun New Haven things.  Of course this meant visiting Frank Pepe's pizza. There is quite a feud between two pizza places in New Haven. We are Team Pepe's.

We stopped by the Peabody Natural History museum after lunch. This was new to Mr. J and I.  I love the change spinner that mimics a tornado.  I took 4 pictures and none really showed the coin - I guess they were right about how fast it spins. You can see the shadow in this one a bit. 

We feasted the rest of the weekend. A highlight was S'mores Bars. I thought they would be good but man were they good. I will be making them again soon. 

Another favorite was Jalopeno Heaven. They have the best Mexican food around.  We pretty much rolled out of that restaurant. 

This week I have been trying to detox from all the weekend gorging. Dinner was a salad with fresh tomatoes and avocados. 

And dessert was some watermelon. This is the first one of the summer. I always forget how good watermelon is over the winter. Such a summer classic.

What did you do this weekend?


  1. hmmmm I've always wanted to visit New Haven....


  2. Wow..what a look..!!! this look really gud. Thanks for sharing yummy post.


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