Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Lately in Maine

This last weekend Mr. J and I went on our last summer adventure.  We were up in Maine visiting family and I crossed off several things from the Summer Bucket List. It was the perfect summer weekend with sunny skies and cool temperatures. 

Friday night started off in Portland with dinner at JP's.  I had a lovely seasonal grilled asparagus salad. And then a massive Bourbon steak.

We work up early for breakfast the next morning. We headed over to Hot Suppa!.  This is a tiny little place but we were lucky enough to snag a table before it got too busy.   Mr. J and my dad got the biscuits and gravy.

I got the egg sandwich on an everything bagel and a side of hash browns. I love crispy hash browns.  

I was told the waffles were a must so we got one for the table. It was way too much food but somehow we managed. It was all super good. 

Next up for the day was a beautiful farmer's market. It ended up being way bigger than expected. Everything was gorgeous!  I couldn't believe all of the varieties available between the stands. So many peppers and tomatoes to pick from. 

Before lunch we also hit up an art festival in South Portland. It was cool to walk around and see the different artist medium and styles. Unfortunately I am a big fan of oil paintings and the ones I liked the most were also the most expensive.  Someday!

Lunch was at one of my most favorite spots in Maine, the Lobster Shack. It is a bit touristy but look at that view. I love it!  We used to come here every summer with my grandpa and grandma. I always get the lobster roll no mayo. And I so enjoy my crinkle fries!

And no summer visit to Maine is complete without some ice cream. We ended up with Coffee Oreo and Mocha Chip.  

All in all it was the perfect Maine weekend getaway.  

Do you have any last minute summer plans before school starts back up?


  1. so much fun! and oh my gawwwwd that food looks amazing! especially those waffles!

  2. I have never been to Maine... but I want to go to a gorgeous farmer's market and get a lobster roll!


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