Thursday, February 26, 2015

Baby Update: Week 39

Nursery art!
I have one week left!  However Mr. J informed me that new research shows that baby's full term are now at 41 weeks and not 40.  I kind of wanted to hit him.  

In general I am doing alright. Things are quite difficult at this point. The belly is just in the way.  Mostly it is the little things I find the most aggravating. In a public bathroom there is barely enough room in the stall to shut the door and even then I am pretty much awkwardly leaning over the toilet to make room.  I pretty much fall into cars and then cannot shut the door.  Shoe tying is almost a no go. Getting on and off the couch. 

This picture does not convey how big I actually am or feel. 

She is content to kick all day and night long. I really am not sure how there is any room left but she finds it.

Each day I think this is the day. And then think of what I want to get done in case it really is the day. Should I go grocery shopping to stock up on last time? a quick load of laundry? clean the bathrooms? Some of them are kind of crazy but it makes me feel better knowing they are done.  

The nesting thing is real. All of a sudden I want to do several house projects. Some big and some small. This weekend when Mr. J went out to shovel snow I wound up cleaning up the basement and vacuuming. 

Overall we are all set for her to come. I have some freezer meals and other go to ready made things to help us out the first couple of weeks. I plan on posting a more detailed description of how we got ready soon. 

Other than that it is kind of a waiting game. And I am not good at those. Tick, tock. Tick, tock.


  1. I LOVE that elephant painting!! And fingers crossed that your lil lady comes out soon!

  2. I'm with Kayle! What cute artwork! And you look perfect for 9 months pregnant :)

  3. Full term is now 39 weeks to 41 weeks. Back when I had my first and second, it was 38 to 42 weeks. But now doctors don't like for patients to go past 41 because of potential complications. Can't wait for baby updates - it's going to be so soon even though it feels like it's forever!! :)


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