Wednesday, February 25, 2015

I am not very patient and #WIAW

So here I am still pregnant. Which is good I guess? Tomorrow I will be at 39 weeks. I suppose she wants to stay in a bit longer. I don't really blame her given that it is still very much winter in the Northeast.  Each day I think what if she comes today, and then I make a list of everything I want/need to accomplish before she comes.  Its not a huge list but little things like that favorite pair of yoga pants is in the laundry I should wash them kind of thing. 

Yesterday for breakfast I switched things up a bit. I was really hungry so I had toast with smashed avocado and a little sea salt on top.  Best. Meal. Ever.  This filled me up way longer than my smoothie. And although I know avocados are super good for you I kind of felt lacking in my veggie intake all day without my spinach.

Lunch was a special treat. A good friend was in our office and we not only went out for food, something I rarely do, but we chatted it up for an hour.  So much fun!  I got two slices of gigantic pizza - A chicken Caesar salad and the Godfather - meatballs, chicken and artichoke. It took the full hour but I ate them all!

Snacks for the day were all fruit. I cannot get enough of those little Mandarin oranges this year. They are so sweet.

Mr. J and I were both beat from the day. I had a meal all planned out but neither of us could muster the energy to make it.  I ended up with my smoothie after all followed by a late night snack with a corn muffin. I think with all of my green I was practicing for St. Patrick's Day.

What did you eat Wednesday?


  1. OH MY. That avocado toast looks amazing! I've seen it before but never tried it - I want some right now!

    And also a corn muffin. Thanks for the cravings :) And sharing your WIAW! Just joined the bandwagon and i love seeing what everyone is eating and sharing mine!

  2. Loved all the food... great breakfast. :)


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