Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Feeling Gigantic and #WIAW

I feel like it should be Friday today. I think it was the snow day on Monday that completely threw me off. Working from home has some perks. I did a load of laundry during lunch. However I really don't like being at home for work. My mind is on home things not work things.  

Breakfast this morning was another green smoothie.  I am still convinced this is the only nutritious thing I consume anymore.  

I completely forgot to snap any snacks and lunch photos yesterday. It was a hectic day with back to back meetings. I did manage to eat an apple, two oranges, and a granola bar along with my lunch of avocado grilled cheese.  Avocados were on sale last weekend and I loaded up. 

Our dinners have been pretty blah lately, at least not "Meal" like.  We never stopped with the Super Bowl foods.  Can you see our healthy nachos and cheese topped fries.  I am cringing just looking at this photo but it was good. 

I am all dressed up today for a work meeting. This is big time considering I have been in jeans and cotton shirts for the last month. Putting on the tights this morning though was quite a work out. Don't think I will be doing that again.

In other random news we had our first fire last weekend and Mr. J is now obsessed. I love it and hate it all at once. It is so pretty but sitting in front of it makes me so sleepy and hot. I was dying the other day and finally changed into a t-shirt. 

What was your favorite Super Bowl snack?  What did you eat Wednesday?


  1. aww cozy fire! and you look amazing! Not gigantic! lol

  2. Your bump is so cute!!! You look great :)
    Any time I try and eat "junk" type food - I feel sick and gross. This weekend we tried to do a fast meal of fries and pizza rolls and cheese sticks and they smelled so good and I was so ready for them and then I couldn't eat them :(

    1. For the Super Bowl I really wanted hot wings. We knocked down the heat a bit because spicy hasn't been my friend lately but to me hot wings need some kick. Anyway, I had two before I realized it wasn't such a good idea. And I wanted so bad to enjoy them.

  3. I was working as an RN up to the night before I went into labor. You've brought back memories of pulling on those white hose! Your nacho plate looks delish!

  4. Haha- I stopped putting on tights right around the halfway point of pregnancy, it was no longer worth it.
    Mmmmm, nachos.



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