Thursday, March 5, 2015

Baby Update: Week 40

I have been waiting for this day for a really long time. And I wondered what my phone would say when the day finally came. Not nearly as exciting as I thought it would be. Now I wonder what will happen tomorrow. I hope there is no negative numbers up there.  

No baby yet.

Mr. J and I are taking bets for what day she might appear. Someone at work said that if she came today it was clearly my child as I am the planner and always on time. If she comes later then she is more Mr. J, just chilling away.   

I am taking it easy these days. One because the weather has been miserable. In fact it is currently snowing and we could get up to 6 more inches of snow today.  Arg!  Also because it is nearly impossible for me to do all that much out and about.  At home I feel pretty good though. 

I hope I am not here next week posting another pregnancy update!!


  1. fingers crossed your gal makes an appearance soon!!!

  2. I am so excited for you both... can't wait to hear she's here. :)


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