Monday, March 2, 2015

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup {Panera Copycat}

Creamy tomato basil soup that comes together quickly and only uses pantry staples.  Perfect for a snowy afternoon.

Did you get more snow this weekend? We got about 6 inches. It started early Sunday afternoon. It was beautiful and we snuggled under covers in front of the TV.  It would have been the perfect winter afternoon except that it is March.  And I am done with the snow. 

To help ease the tension from the additional snow accumulating outside the window we made a quick, easy and delicious soup.  Have you ever had the tomato basil soup from Panera?  

It used to be my favorite.  Until they started posting the calorie content on the menu board.  One day my coworker pointed out how many more calories this soup had than all of the other options. I still get it now and then but I take the calories into consideration when I place the rest of my order. 

Now this soup is probably not any better.  There is a bit of sugar to reduce the acidity of the tomatoes. There is also butter and cream.  I am sure you could cut back on both or use milk but it will change the flavor. The recipe as is rich and creamy; just what I was going for in this tomato soup.  And the flavor is on point.  

We had this soup with grilled cheese sandwiches.  Talk about memories of childhood sitting around the table and dipping the grilled cheese into the tomato soup. 

Creamy Tomato Basil Soup {Panera Copycat}

by Emily Morris
Prep Time: 10 minutes
Cook Time: 15 minutes
Keywords: soup/stew basil tomato
Ingredients (serves 6)
  • 1 28 oz can crushed tomatoes
  • 1 28 oz can diced tomatoes
  • 1 tbsp crushed garlic
  • 1 14 oz can chicken broth
  • 2 Tbsp sugar
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 cup heavy cream or half and half
  • 15-20 Basil leaves, chopped
In a large soup pot combine the tomatoes, chicken broth, and garlic bring to a boil and let boil for 10 minutes.

Reduce the heat to low and stir in the sugar and butter and mix until they are dissolved, melted and well combined.

Very slowly pour in the heavy cream or half and half. Continue stirring until combined and the soup is creamy.

Stir in the basil.

Serve immediately topped with Parmesan cheese and more basil if desired.
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  1. If this is the real deal Panera copycat tomato soup, then I may have just died and gone to visit the Big man upstairs! Panera tomato soup and grilled cheese IS my all time FAVORITE go to comfort meal. In fact, it was raining here this weekend and I had it. Ugh so delicious! Thank you for making my weekend/year!

    1. It is so close you would never know the difference! Enjoy!!

  2. Just looking at the photos warms me up... YUM!

  3. Oh yum. I made a creamy tomato basil soup last winter in a slow cooker. It wasn't quite a Panera copycat though so I'll have to try this the next time I need some tomato soup and grilled cheese haha.


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