Thursday, March 12, 2015

What I am reading lately...

I haven't told you about any of my books for while now.  My reading dwindled a bit when I stopped flying. (There is nothing like 2 uninterrupted hours on a flight to get you through a book fast.)  Also my nightly reading has dropped to about 20 minutes. Once I am in bed I don't care how interesting the book is my eyes start to droop immediately. 

Torch, is by the bestselling author Cheryl Strayed who also wrote Wild.  You know the movie with Resse Witherspoon.  Torch is her debut novel and it seems to be getting more attention now for some reason.  It got on my radar after seeing it on several must reads articles and then finally ended up on my library's recommended list for the month of February.  

Torch is a sad novel about a family suddenly faced with tragedy and struggling to deal with unexpected loss. 

Amazon says: "Teresa Rae Wood...has fled a bad marriage and rebuilt a life with her children, Claire and Joshua, and their caring stepfather, Bruce. Their love for each other binds them as a family through the daily struggles of making ends meet. But when they received unexpected news that Teresa, only 38, is dying of cancer, their lives all begin to unravel and drift apart. Strayed's intimate portraits of these fully human characters in a time of crisis show the varying truths of grief, forgiveness, and the beautiful terrors of learning how to keep living."

To be honest this book is sad. Not something I would recommend right before you have a baby. My bad. However it is good. It looks at three individual's grief and how they deal with it in incredibly different ways. 

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