Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Breakfast for Lunch and Dinner #WIAW

Oh man I feel like summer is finally here. It is June. Sunny. Hot. I may be back to work but I feel like we are in a routine of sorts.  Maternity leave was like a dream world where we just played all day long.  Now things are real. Not in a bad way either. 

Back at work hasn't changed breakfast up. Still a green smoothie but today I added a blueberry muffin to jazz things up.  It was an early up day making my coffee nearly empty the time 6:30 rolled around. 

Lunch was breakfast. We went out for a feast of a breakfast Sunday morning and here are the leftovers. I go on and off breakfast leftovers but these were pretty good. The pancake was like a built in dessert. Plus I am not going to complain when a meal is pre-made. 

Dinner has been pretty low key too.  This was a taco salad made with leftover taco filling. Not quite a Chipotle bowl but still pretty good. #avocadolove

We have a drooler on our hands so this is probably the first of many outfits for the day.  Furture Bryn Mawr girl! 

What did you eat Wednesday?


  1. Thanks for sharing your WIAW eats - love sharing mine and seeing everyone's! Love your homemade Chipotle - I do enjoy a good avocado!

  2. sucha cutie!! "Chipotle" bowl.... holy yum! thats my dinner for tonight now! thanks!

  3. How could you not smile at that face? :))) Your smoothies looks refreshing. And I think breakfast works for ANY meal of the day.


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