Wednesday, April 20, 2016


Why have we been so busy lately?  There has been a lot going on.  Both Mr. J and I had a work trip to Savannah for a whole week. It was beautiful and we had some fun alone time but my goodness a week is a long time. I missed Miss O terribly and it felt like my time stayed still while everyone else's moved forward. This might be a good thing for some people but I felt awfully behind.

Savannah is such a fun, beautiful place to visit. I loved walking around the squares, visiting the small, unique stores and enjoying the delicious eats. 

We went on a fun tour of the Savannah Bee Company bee garden. I am really, really frightened of bees and was scared the to death.  I am proud to say I stayed for the whole explanation and even dipped my finger in the hive to try some really fresh honey. My heart was racing really fast the whole time; talk about adrenaline rush.

Once back home it was a mad rush to catch up on laundry, get groceries and finally finish Olivia's toy shelf.  This was sold as a weekend project; it took us 4 months to complete.  No exaggeration.  I am so happy it is done and now we have cleared out all of the baskets floating around full of toys.  Olivia couldn't stay away.

We also threw in a baptism in Maine. Olivia was baptized by my dad in Mr. J's family's church. She was the 6th generation to be baptized there.  It was a very special day and now we have a blessed baby :) 

Whew! I am tired all over again just typing this out.  More recipes to come later this week. Happy Wednesday!


  1. oh man so busy! That's so sweet that Olivia was the 6th generation baptized in your hub's family's church!

  2. maaf dan terimakasih atas kelancangan saya berkunjung ke artikel ini


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