Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Nightmare

This sadly is my reality the last few days. 

The truth is, this scene is a nightmare to me.  I am a clean freak.  Not only do I think our garbage can is gross and desperately needs a cover, Mr. J we tend to build mountains around the trash can on all things that will not fit neatly inside.  What gave me the nightmares recently though is the pizza box and take out containers galore.  I don't know what happened the past few days but we ended up going out and ordering out way too much!

To make matters worse, yesterday I drove to Albany and back.  That is 6 hours in a car.  Lucky for me I was up at 6am and still managed a nightly work out.  Mr. J also had a meeting in Albany later in the day.  Funny with our travels where we end up.  We were actually only in Albany at the same time for about an hour.  I was leaving as he was arriving. 

The solution to all of the travel and take out woes...a diet of lots of fruit and veggies!



The green monster this morning was made up of this

1 banana
1 1/2 cups packed spinach
1 c coconut milk (The Silk brand is my new favorite!)
2 Tbsp chia seeds
1 small peach
4 ice cubes

Topped with a few strawberries and a bit of granola and I am good to go for the day.  Thank goodness too because I have 7 hours worth of financial training today.  Sounds like fun right?  It will actually be a lot more fun than it sounds but 7 hours of training on pretty much anything but cooking is hard to take.

What are your plans for this glorious Tuesday?


  1. Doesn't it seem like there are infinite amounts of trash. I mean ours is constantly piling up and it's just me and my boyfriend too. It's actually worse if I cook than if we order take out. I feel like we are PERPETUALLY taking out the trash :) That green monster looks tasty!

  2. I am not crazy about a bunch of trash, either. Hubby and I recycle so much that we are down to 1 kitchen size trash bag a week. To keep it from getting smelly, I put food trash (strawberry hulls, etc) in a gallon size zip-top bag in the bottom crisper drawer (it's the only thing I use the drawer for) and then take it out on trash day! It works for us!

  3. Oh, I so get you on the trash thing. We live in an apartment and the dumpster is not conveniently located to our place so the garbage gets piled up sometimes until I yell at the hubster to get rid of it!

    By the way, your green monster looks tasty. I make a smoothie very similar to yours as its the best way for me to get enough fruits and veggies every day!

  4. I love that our kitchen has a trash can cupboard. So it is all enclosed, a spot for garbage, and a spot for recycling. Helps keep it at least a little contained!

  5. I was almost OCD about a clean space before I had my daughter... now I just live with the fact that I can't always keep a tidy space.
    So, it gets better with time, trust me. :)

  6. I've never used coconut milk in a smoothie before. Now I'm wondering why the heck not!?

  7. My trash can is like half your size. I still don’t know how we manage. Maybe because the big stuff is immediately banned to the trash container outside. Great smoothly to start the day with, but I think the green color will turn my hubby off. So no spinach for him.


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