Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Boursin and Spinach Stuffed Chicken

I like simple, good meals. But that doesn’t always mean plain meals. Between my hectic work schedule and holiday activities and the increasing intake of rich holiday our meals have reverted to the meat, starch, vegetable scenario. Lately it has gotten so bad as to having grilled chicken, no marinade, plain steams broccoli and roasted potatoes. Don’t get me wrong. I like all of these things, but after the second fifth time it gets old.

This weekend I saw an article with the most delicious looking pork roast roulade.  I wanted some immediately.  We didn’t have pork roast in the fridge but I was determined to take our chicken to a whole other level.

When I mentioned it to Mr. J he quickly told me 3 things:
1.       He had stuffed chicken breast for dinner on a work trip Thursday night. (Way to ruin my excitement!)
2.       He was still down with the idea.
3.       We needed bacon.

Stuffed Chicken with Boursin and Spinach

3 Chicken breast, pounded thin
¼ C boursin cheese ( I used the herb and garlic variety.)
1 C baby spinach leaves
Salt and pepper
2 slices bacon, optional (4 slices if you are Mr. J)

1.       Preheat oven to 400 degrees and prepare baking dish by spraying bottom with olive oil.
2.       Lay Chicken on cutting board and cover with plastic wrap.  Use rolling pin or meat pounder to flatten out chicken.  This is by far my favorite step of the recipe and is a great way to end a stressful day.
3.       Take 1-2 Tbsp of boursin cheese and spread across chicken.  Layer spinach leave on top of cheese.
4.       If desired lay out bacon slices on top of spinach layer. 
5.       Gently folder over chicken to close opening.  Take two pieces of baking twine to tie close (one on each end)
6.       Place in baking dish and season with salt and pepper.  Bake for 45 minutes.

I served ours with the standard roasted sweet potato rings and broccoli.  As simple as the side dishes were, this chicken made the whole meal a gourmet experience. 

On a side note: I burnt my tongue Friday night and eating anything has been miserable.  I hope I heal up fast.

Have you entered the giveaway yet?  It closes Thursday night.


  1. Sounds and looks great. We've been on a salad kick and I think we're going to turn green any minute! Thanks for the recipe.

  2. This looks delicious. I am always looking for new recipes for chicken because we do eat a lot of it. This recipe does have some great flavors and ingredients in it. No doubt it was delicious.
    I hope that burn was not too bad and your tastebuds get back to normal soon!

  3. That looks like a wonderful chicken recipe and completely worth the effort :)

  4. Holy cow, I am drooling at work. Your dish looks absolutely wonderful! I love boursin, and spinach stuffed chicken roulades are just the best. Lovely - I'll go ogle your pictures some more now.

  5. Oh, oh, oh, I saw this and I had to buzz it immediately. See, my husband makes the BEST boursin. I mean the best! And although I am perfectly happy to just eat it straight with a spoon, I like how you used it here.

  6. The dish looks delicious and the pics are awesome!

  7. YUM! I love stuffed and rouladed things. Especially with boursin!

  8. Everything is better with bacon!! What a great way to spice up chicken for dinner!

  9. I love stuffed chicken, especially when it is stuffed with cheese and bacon. Love Boursin too! Hope your tongue feels better soon! I hate when that happens!

  10. Wow! That looks amazing! I love the way you served your sweet potatoes, too! I hope your tongue gets better!

  11. You have some of my favorites. I often pair my chicken dish with broccoli. No kidding I really do have posted two of them on my site.

  12. This looks so delicious. Love it! I am always looking for new chicken recipes. We eat a lot of chicken! Love the sweet potatoes too.


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