Saturday, December 3, 2011

Friday's Five: Best Places for Food Gifts

I have a bit of a skewed idea of what is priority in our household expenses.  Things that I actually expenses and utilities, I don't really like paying for.  In fact I get in a bad mood whenever it is time to pay the bill.  If one of our month utilities increases unexpectedly I  become frustrated.  I know these are important but I really just don't like to pay for them.  On the other hand, I have no problem going online to find special food treats for myself and love ones.  Click, click, click and soon you will have 4 new varieties of peanut butter.  It is a marvelous thing.  Today I am posting my favorite favorite places to find specialty foods online.  Proceed with caution.

1. Foodzie

This website find small independent food vendors and links them up with you.  You can find unique artisan foods from across the country and have them shipped right to your door.  They also have great gift boxes with all sorts of samples.  Needless to say if  something from here was under my tree I would be one happy camper Christmas morning.  Just be careful if you have a dog.

2. OpenSky

Again this is a place where celebrities and experts list products they use and love.  You can find all sorts of interesting things here from home goods to food products.  What I love most is when a product is featured you can get a great deal on something that is really hard to find to begin with...peanut butter, honey, name it they have it.

3. Harry & David

I know you have heard of Harry and David.  I am so intrigued by their fruit of the month club.  Can you imagine getting a delivery of fresh fruit each month.  Gives me chills thinking about it.

4. Stonewall Kitchen

I dream of gift baskets from here.  All the jams, jellies, salsas, and relishes you can think of can me found here.  Pair a few of these with some yummy scones and bread and you are good to go.  And certainly don't forget about the dessert fudge and caramel anyone?

4. William Sonoma 

I wouldn't normally promote a store like this for food but every Christmas I find myself salivating over the pastries available.  Dozens of frozen chocolate croissants can be ship to your front door. Pretty good Christmas morning breakfast if you ask me.


  1. Great resource collection! My problem is that I end up wanting everything if I start even looking at these!

  2. These are some good links here, the first two are really new to me. Very timely with the holidays coming up. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  3. I love Williams-Sonoma. It is definitely one of my favorite stores. Great links!

  4. I want everything from Williams-Sonoma...I wish I had an unlimited account with them that I never had to pay back...hey a girl can dream right?! :)~

  5. Some of my favorites and some new vendors to check out! Thanks for another fun list!

  6. we have the same disappointment...I don't really like paying bills but I have no choice...sometimes it really needs to carry burdens =)

  7. Hey! I wanted you to know that I posted a link to this article on my site. I hope you don't mind. Great article and great site, btw. Thanks!

  8. Hi there, thanks for posting. Glad you're enjoying OpenSky! Happy shopping.

    -Caitlin, OpenSky Community Manager

  9. Foodzie is definitely one of my faves too! Gonna have to check out those other sites as well =)


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