Thursday, June 21, 2012

Rose Sangria

The hotter it gets outside the more creative I need to get with my liquid intake.  I don't often have much more than water and coffee in the course of the day. 

If I am feeling fancy I apt up the stakes with some sparking water.   Fancy.

Occasionally wine and beer have entered the picture more often.

Today though I have a special treat. Sangria. Normally reserved for special restaurant orders, I got some for home to get me through the hot nights.  The Sprite makes it somewhat sweet.

Hint: Add frozen berries. It keeps it cool longer and is oh so pretty!

Rose Sangria

by Emily Morris
Prep Time: 5 minutes

Ingredients (serves 8)
  • 1 pint bottle rum
  • 1 pint bottle Spanish brandy
  • 1 bottle rose wine
  • 2 liters Sprite
  • Clear-colored large pitcher filled half-way with ice cubes
  • Apple slices
  • Grapes
  • Lemon slices
  • Lime slices
Measure 3/4 cup rum, 3/4 cup brandy, 2 cups wine, and 2 cups Sprite, and pour all into pitcher over ice and stir with a long wooden spoon.

Dice a few pieces of apple, remove a few grapes, both green and purple, from stems and cut in 1/2, and dice a few pieces each of lemon and lime.

Add diced fruit to pitcher and stir once more.
Pour Sangria into tulip glasses.
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  1. What a beautiful and refreshing drink :D
    Loving those rose petals!


  2. I love Sangria's. You simply can't go wrong. Nice tough with the berries!

  3. Sangria is the perfect summer drink...and yours looks wonderful with the raspberry garnish :)

  4. Hi Emily, thanks for stopping by and I am glad we found each others site. This Sangria looks like the ticket for these warm evenings. Tasty and refreshing.

  5. Yum yum, i wish it was warm enough to drink this in the UK. No summer here yet!

  6. I want this now!! Very stressful day, this would be perfect to sit on the porch and drink tonight!

  7. This looks beautiful and refreshing. Too bad I'm under 21!

  8. Perfect Friday night cocktail! I love sangria in the summer, but usually just throw whatever local fruit we have in the fridge. I love the idea of frozen berries :)

  9. It's Friday now and this post is just in time! =) I don't drink much but I do like Sangria. Have a great weekend!

  10. I love me some sangria! This looks so tasty!


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