Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Bar Harbor Restaurant Finds

Last night my husband watched the Zookeeper from Netflix. I blogged. We both enjoyed our respective activities. Quality time. After all we were next to one another on the couch.

For those of you who have seen the Zookeeper.  He liked the bear scene. A lot. Giggle ensued.

I forgot to post about our best breakfast the other weekend when we were in Bar Harbor.  It is a bit passed due but I still wanted to share.  You should go here if you are ever in Bar Harbor.

Mr. J loves breakfast but we haven't gone on a regular basis for a while. Breakfast out makes his day, week, month, I swear. 

Two Cats.  Get it? Mr. J liked his new friend.

My number one priority when traveling is the food options.  Big surprise right?  I do research in advance.  This weekend though we had lots of our meals already set with the wedding activities.  We also got breakfast at the hotel so I wasn't planning on going out at all.   

My stomach got the better of me though once I was in the cool Maine coast air.  It was calling out to me blueberry pancakes.  Maine blueberries are amazing. 

Without preparing I wasn't really sure where to start, so I started asking people.  Locals.  Store owners.  Nature guides.  The nature guides really weren't helpful.  They, and the chamber of commerce volunteers, would NOT give recommendations.  Finally we cornered a few people and they all said Two Cats.

I could not have asked for a better breakfast menu. There were so many options, all made fresh with local and organic ingredients.  When I saw the breakfast burrito the blueberry pancakes went out the window.  I satisfied my sweet tooth though with a maple latte.   I ended up with two lattes and half a burrito.  Mr. J finished the other half.

The star of the show was the homemade biscuits. They were sweet and butter.  Very moist.  Biscuits aren't my favorite but I skipped the burrito and went for the biscuits.  They are served with homemade strawberry butter. More strawberry than butter.  Perfect compliment to the biscuits.

130 Cottage Street • Bar Harbor • Maine • 04609
207.288.2808 or 800.355.2808


  1. Biscuits look great! Sounds like Bar Harbor was a blast.

  2. I cant wait to make these! They sound sooo good.

  3. Wow! Those biscuits look incredible! And I love how you guys both do your own thing *together*. Sounds like my home!

  4. Don't you love a local treasure? Now if they'd only give us their biscuit recipe :)

  5. OK, now my tummy is rumbling and I feel the need to go home and pet my cat. What a great post!

  6. Haha this looks so tasty and gorgeous :D
    And you and your man are so cute doing what you like but together!

    Choc Chip Uru


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