Saturday, August 18, 2012

Second Year: Cotton Anniversary

I have no shame.  Actually for most things that is not true.  I am pretty shy by nature.  However, when it comes to things I want I can be pretty vocal.  Good thing I have a husband who, one way or the other, doesn't seem to care. 

Our second year anniversary is coming up and the theme is cotton.  Here is a list of things I compiled that I think would make wonderful anniversary gifts for our two year.  Hint, hint.  Cough, cough!
We need a new bedroom look. This ironwork duvet cover is just the thing to change it up a bit. I think soon the whole apartment will be blue.

Of course pear sheets are good too.

And then there is the bathroom currently decorated with pink.  Poor Mr. J is right. It is time for a change up

Aren't these the prettiest fall placemats.  Dinner would be that much more enjoyable.

A more classic gift would be towels.  Ours are two years old...when do you replace towels?

Is it too forward to ask for Hanky Panky Panties?
These are my favorite.  Cute and comfortable.  What more can you ask for?


  1. Ok, my anniversary is coming soon and now I want all that :D

  2. For Mike and my second anniversary, we went and saw Jubilee in Vegas...a topless show. I think you can ask for panties :)

  3. If I had to pick, I go for the duvet cover. Happy anniversary!


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