Saturday, September 29, 2012

Weekend Edition: Iowa

We are on vacation in Iowa for a long weekend.  I have been busy introducing Mr. J to where I grew up, Midwest style all of the way.  

When I lived here of course there were way more corn fields.  Things have changed so, so much.  I could even go so far as to say there are cool areas. Yes, Iowa has definitely became cool.

We never could have found things like this before...

Just a reminder in case you missed it this week:


        1. Enjoy your long weekend away. Many years ago I worked for Meredith Publishing. Although I was based in New York, I traveled to their headquarters in Des Moines quite frequently and I always found that city to be lovely.

        2. Wow that sounds like it will be a blast my friend :D
          Have fun!


        3. Have a great time!! Love the weekly roundup.:)

        4. I'm kind of in love with that giant corn cob! And I'm super jealous of your owl mug that the latte is in. Love me some owls!


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