Wednesday, June 19, 2013

just a normal tuesday...WIAW

Good Morning! I cannot believe it is Wednesday. Monday kind of felt like it would never be over. Now it is hump day. I am already excited for the week. 

Food this week has been a bit weak. I wasn't able to do my typical weekly meal planning or grocery run.  Thus far it has been a run to the store and get what we need for the night week.  

Lunch was spent catching up on emails. I had some leftover pasta with red peppers and chicken sausage. A one bowl microwave meal is always easy to pack and heat at the office.

Dinner was burgers stocked full of toppings.  We were hoping to bring out the grill but we had a sudden thunderstorm right when it was time for dinner.  A little annoying but the forecasts for the rest of the week seem marvelous. No more humidity! I think that is a cause for celebration.

Even in the rain we managed to make a run for frozen yogurt. Getting over vacation time needs to be a slow progression for me. This was our bit of fun for the day.  Somehow we both managed to get massive containers. Our biggest ones yet. I guess we needed a lot of fun to end the day.


  1. Oh I could make a trip for frozen yogurt any time! My sister and I would buy froyo after our cross country races and it was a miracle if I got anything under $6 :)

  2. Froyo is my favorite summer treat and yours looks amazing!

  3. That burger looks huge, juicy, and delicious!

  4. Yummy day of food. That pasta is calling my name. :)


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