Monday, June 17, 2013

Mini Disney Vacay!

Sorry for the absence. Mr. J and I have been busy gallivanting around Disney for the past few days. It was a quick trip. Much quicker than we are used to but so much fun.  And much needed.

It was hot even for Florida standards.  I haven't even mentioned the humidity. Basically you started to melt the minute you got outside.  Sunscreen stood no chance with my sweat. We had to get creative with our activities. We played mini golf.

Mr. J took his typically 100 plus photos of all the animals on the safari. I got inspired and started taking pictures of him.

He amused me by going on many kiddie rides in the Magic Kingdom.  Love the new Ariel ride!  Who doesn't love "Kiss the Girl"

We hydrated with some adult beverages.  I got my first drink in a fruit. Fun and pretty to look at but I think I would rather just eat the pineapple.

And of course we rode some water rides. Splash Mountain is one of my favorite rides but recently it has been too cold or under repairs. The hot weather made me want to ride this one over and over again. 

As I adjust back to the work routine, posts may be a bit sporadic this week. Thanks for your patience.


  1. I'm in Florida right now too and I hear you about that humidity. I forgot what it feels like since moving to AZ, but it is awful!

  2. What a fun time... I adore that pineapple drink. :)


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