Tuesday, April 22, 2014

What I Am Reading Lately

I have a three for one today. A few weeks ago I was told about a new author, Rainbow Rowell, that had some good, fun books. Of course with the name Rainbow I don't know how you could have anything but good, fun books. I am up for good and fun anytime so I quickly reserved the three at my local library. 

There are times when I do this and the books come so slowly; I wait weeks. This time around though they came within a couple days and they all came at once. Lucky for me (I think?) I had several work trips lined up and I got to bring these along for the ride.

The first up is Eleanor and Park. This novel is about two outsiders over the course of one year of high school. They unwantingly meet on the bus and the rest is history. This book is about the good things in life and the bad as soon through the eyes of two high school kids. From beginning to end you don't know where the story is going to go as it is told by the perspective of both Eleanor and Park.

Next is Fangirl. The main character here is Cath. Cath is a Simon Snow fan, a series similar to the Harry Potter novels.  Her whole life is Simon Snow.  Becoming an ultra fan helped her and her twin sister get through the tough times of their mother leaving. Now her sister is ready to move on and become her own person at college.  Cath wants things to stay the same.  She suddenly finds herself in her freshman year of college, a new roommate and not knowing what to do with herself.

Finally Attachments.  Lincoln is a nighttime Internet security officer charged with weeding out all things unnecessary or pornographic in company emails. He is supposed to spend each evening reading through flagged emails. Not really liking his job, most of the time he just deletes the emails and moves on. However, he gets hooked on the correspondences of Beth and Jennifer. They are funny, witty and real.  He starts to think of them as his friends. Knowing this is strange he starts to assess his own life. Where he was with his high school romance, why he is stilling living at home with his mom, and who he wants to become.  You get to know all three of these characters through Attachments. There are several twists and turns before the novel ends.

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