Wednesday, April 2, 2014

It's April and WIAW

Yesterday was April 1st. Finally we were expecting warmer temperatures and sunshine. It seems like forever since that was the forecast.

My day started with a green smoothie.  It was the normal with almond milk, a splash of orange juice, peanut butter, spinach and a banana.

Lunch was leftover gnocchi with sausage and red peppers, an apple and two cookies.  Lunch is always better if I bring cookies.

Dinner was roasted asparagus and potatoes topped with two fried eggs.  As Mr. J was finishing the dishes, he suggested getting ice cream. I was totally craving frozen yogurt and he agreed.

We went to Sweet Frog which just opened nearby. It was so good.  They had a graham cracker flavor that was out of this world.

What is your favorite frozen yogurt flavor?


  1. Well that seriously looks good and fresh to me! And I am so happy it is April now!

  2. I love eggs for dinner! So good! And I'm so happy it's Spring!

  3. Looks like a good day of food. I need to start my day with a green smoothie too. :)


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