Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Getting ready for another work trip and WIAW

It seems to have been forever since I have traveled for work.It really hasn't been that long ago. In fact it was only last Monday that I had a failed trip to Indianapolis.

Today I am on my way to Ann Arbor for a few days. Packing up my things just seemed strange.

Yesterday I had a simple breakfast with Honey Nut O's from Cascadian Farm with blackberries and bananas.  We woke up to thunderstorms and all I wanted to do was sit in my PJs and listen to the thunder.

Lunch was pretty simple. I ate at my desk trying to get some extra things done.  I had a frozen TJ chicken tikka dish and carrots.

Those little meals never keep me satisfied throughout the day so I had an afternoon snack of an apple and a Double Chocolate muffin That muffin made my day. It was the last one and I think if I was still going to be home I would whip up another batch.

Dinner was Mexican pizza...again. I really didn't plan meals well this week. Monday I used the Crock Pot to make pulled pork.  This was the second meal using the pulled pork.  The pizzas were layered with black beans, pulled pork, cheese, and jalapenos. 

 What is your favorite frozen meal?


  1. Those frozen dinners are never enough for a real meal. It's annoying, because they are handy, but if you still need to supplement, they're not quite as useful.

    That "pizza" looks very good, though...

  2. I agree !!! Those meals never fill me up which stinks because they are so tasty!! That pizza looks really good too :)

  3. I don't eat a lot of frozen food, but I can't resist Stouffer's French Bread Pizza. How stupid is that? Really? How hard is it to put tomato sauce and cheese on some bread and stick it in the oven? But I just can't resist

  4. I saw that Chicken Tikka at TJ... Looks good. :) Love the Mexican pizza too. :)


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