Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A full week of work and #WIAW

Hello there!  Happy Wednesday! If feels like this week is dragging on. How can it only be Wednesday?  I realized yesterday that this is probably going to be the first full week of work at the office in weeks. No snow days! I am happy for the snow but it was nice to just be in PJs all day long too. 

Per the norm my early morning breakfast was a green smoothie. I am not enjoying these quite as much as I have in the past. They taste just a bit off. I am kind of experiencing it with everything I eat though. I sit and stare at our meal thinking something just doesn't smell 100%.  Mr. J says it is just me.

Breakfast number two was the last of the raspberry yogurt muffins.  So sad...

Lunch was leftover chili from Monday's dinner.  We made a big lunch and dinner on Sunday and then a big pot of chili on Monday.  So far this week was all about the leftovers. 

Sunday one of the goals was to make some freezer meals for the baby. I made two big trays of meatballs. 3/4 of the meatballs were frozen and then we made pasta for dinner.  We had leftovers and simply reheated them for dinner.  I was so hungry last night I was done and doing dishes before I realized there was no picture. 

I also made some more cookie dough. I was happy for the cookie dough and the cookies but it wasn't the brightest idea to do this on a Tuesday night after work.  By the time the kitchen was clean my back ached.  I am going to bake off some of this dough for us now, some for a party at work, and hopefully we might have leftovers to freeze.  I used a smaller scoop and I think I got about 4 dozen cookies.  Minis for sure but still delicious. 

What did you eat Wednesday? What is your favorite freezer meal?

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