Monday, August 3, 2015

Salad Round Up

Oh man, summer is coming to an end. *Tear I actually like the Fall the best but it seems after waiting so long from the cold winter that summer is going too quickly. 

Summer though means heat. And although I am not ready to give up summer the heat could definitely go. At least a little bit. Right now between the weather and the kitchen renovation the oven is off limits. That means loads of take out veggies.

I was struggling with meal options that fit our parameters of cool meals with limited cooking abilities. So I dug into the old blog archives to find some delicious salads of the past. I am so glad I did. I forgot how many winning salad we made in the past. Slowly we are working our way through this list. If you need some extra veggies in your diet or just want some no cooking meals check out this salad round up. 

Classic Chopped Salad

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  1. No, no, we can't be closing in on fall!! I'm still in salad mode and all your selections look fantastic!


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