Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Lately and #WIAW

I am living in a bit of chaos right now. The kitchen renovations are at this height of destructiveness. Mainly due to the fact that we are redoing our floors. Given that the portion of the house under construction is where we spend about 90% of our time when not sleeping it has been a struggle. We were doing pretty good with the whole no water/sink situation. Not having a living space is different. Our little family of three has been hanging out in the bedroom and going to bed early the last couple of weeks.

On top of that daycare decided to use this week as one of its annual shut down for professional development days. I have been working from home with the munchkin. She is a super baby and hasn't been any trouble. Long morning naps are when I am most productive. 

In the afternoon she joins me with some toy time. Her moose is currently way more fascinating than my computer. The iPhone however is a different story. 

The kitchen is making progress. We have done some of the flooring. The counter tops are going in tomorrow. And then it will be mainly finishing touches. I am thinking those last little to dos might take us forever. I owe you a more in-depth kitchen update. I have been snapping photos along the way so I have a bunch to share. 

Once everything is done we are all going to be smiles. 


  1. Awwww... she is so adorable!! She certainly looks like a super well behaved little girl!! My son was all over the place and I could never get anything done (and I didn't even work from home). I hope your kitchen gets finished soon... it's going to be gorgeous! :)

  2. ah I know how annoying this is but omg it's all gonna be so great once it's finished! and as always your lil pumkin is the cuuutest


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