Sunday, August 23, 2015

Olivia Turns 5 Months Old

About two weeks ago my little one turned 5 months old. Although 5 months seems like a very short time, I cannot imagine our lives without her in them.  She continues to amaze me every day. Each day there is a new skill or trait that comes out. 

She almost able to sit up on her own. Her preferred position is one where she can look out and see everything and everyone around her.  She reaches and grabs everything in sight. At first it was only a few of the lightest toys but now she can hold up pretty much anything. Being careful about what is near her is a full time job.  

She learned to flip on her belly fast and furious. It happened one day and then pretty much since then it was a constant occurrence. It was also the first thing that really threw off our sleep routine. She would immediately flip on her belly when we put her down to sleep, but that meant no more swaddles. Our little one really loved being swaddled. And even though she got really good at getting on her belly, it was a work in progress getting back onto her back.  She would wake up in the middle of the night and realize she was on her belly. We had to go in many a times to flip her back over only to have her roll herself belly side within 30 seconds. 

No teeth yet but I am hoping they will come in someday soon. We have tried avocado and bananas with varying success. I am hoping once the kitchen renovation is complete we will be able to be more consistent about offering her real foods. 

She is pretty good at standing up on her legs when we hold her. She gets all proud when she realizes she is standing up and gets a super big and goofy grin on her face. This is normally followed by loads of giggles. My heart just melts and you cannot help but smile and laugh right along with her. 

Talking is now the norm. She is such a chatter box with her ohs and ahs. She found out how to gurgle and blow bubbles this past week. She can go on and on for a good 30 minutes.  And when you mimic her back she will stop, smile, and then go right on with her own noises again.

Everyone says time flies by so fast with a child. And it does. But I find myself in this weird middle ground where I want her to be this age forever but I also want to see her continue to grow and develop. 

Happy 5 Months Olivia!


  1. She is so big!!! AWWW :) We went through a few weeks of flipping baby at bedtime when he figured out how to get onto his belly. Thankfully now, he mostly sleeps on his side.

  2. 5 months already!!!! She is a doll--love that smile!

  3. ohhhh such a sweeeeetie-happy 5 months!!!

  4. My baby girl just turned 2 last month... it goes by WAY too fast, and I am right there with you. I hate that she keeps growing up, but I love watching her growing, learning, changing, and developing her own unique personality at the same time


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