Wednesday, March 30, 2016

A Tree Grows In Brooklyn Round Up ‪#‎thebookclubcookbookCC

The day has come for me to post about all of the lovely creations myself and the other members of  ‪#‎thebookclubcookbookCC made in March for A Tree Grows In Brooklyn.  It seems like many of the others fell in love with the book too.

No one made the recipe for Chocolate Russe from the invite post. I am still hoping someone tries it out soon but for now I am pretty satisfied with all of the inspired recipes.  We had quite a feast. 

You might remember that I made Italian Sweet Rolls, a special treat for Francie and her brother as they ran errands for their mother.

Erin from A Spiffy Cookie made a Boozy Apple Cinnamon Bread Pudding.  She was inspired by taking stale bread and creating something amazing. 

Camilla, our fearless leader, from Culinary Adventures with Camilla, made a gluten free Cherry Chocolate Blossom Cupcake.  She took note of the passage when Francie was daydreaming of fancy treats she might someday be able to eat.  

Wendy from A Day in the Life on the Farm, made something more practical with an Italian Vegetable Stew. This stew was packed full of veggies and bread. Although I am pretty sure Wendy didn't go to the store and ask for all of the old, wilted vegetables and stale bread for her recipe as the children did in the book. 

Sarah from Things I Make (for Dinner), whipped up some Crock Pot Baked Beans, hoping to feed us all something filling on the cheap and long lasting.  These beans certainly fit the bill for the food trend in the novel.

And finally Sarah, The Pajama Chef, made us some delicious coffee chocolate chip streusel mufffins.  She pointed out the significant indulgence of coffee the Nolans had on a daily basis. Even though the children didn't enjoy it they cherished their cup knowing it was a treat.

Thanks for joining me this month and be sure to check out next month's book choice with Sarah at Things I Make (for Dinner)


  1. everyone made such a variety of recipes! love it. thanks for hosting in march!

  2. Wow I think this was the most diverse month yet, I love it!


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