Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Dairy Queen is as old as I am!

Dairy Queen turns 25 this year and to celebrate they are having buy one, get one for $.25 Blizzards through April 25th. Part of me thinks that this is still a bit of a rip off because Blizzards are quite expensive these days and you still have to pay for one. The fact that you can get one of them for $.25 is a deal though. I can never pass up a good deal and Jordan hounds me almost every night now that it is warmer to go get ice cream. With the wedding and all I have managed to ward him off all but once so far. (Granted the season for ice creams is still young).

Anyway, after a long Tuesday at work, I don't know why Tuesdays always last forever, Jordan convinced me that with our work and travel plans this would be the only night to be able to enjoy the buy one, get one $.25 deal. How could I argue with such a strong case?

I am normally a classic kind of gal and go for the traditional Oreo Blizzard. However, tonight I sprung for the Blizzard of the Month option of Caramel Brownie Blizzard. Sounds good, huh? I have definitely been having caramel on my mind lately and need to find some recipes to try.
(This is how the blog should have read, and there would have been lovely photos of our ice cream treats. However, I sometimes get blog happy and start posts that have not actually happened. A bit weird I know but normally when I plan something it happens. But my life has not been so typical lately so our trip to DQ never took place. I was going to delete it but then realized that someone out there might be able to celebrate the 25th with DQ. Please go enjoy something I missed out on!)

And just so you know, the wedding diet has officially become the wedding workout plan. Thanks to my nifty friend and the Nike + I now run everyday as long as possible for as hard as possible. This way I can eat whatever I want and not feel guilty about my dress. On a side note, I got my dress on April 10th. I ordered the size I tried on cause it fit perfectly. Thus I am not to gain or loose any pounds from now until the wedding. Now that will be the real task. The goal is to have one fitting, have it fit and be done with the whole process.

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