Monday, April 5, 2010

Flambe: Bananas Foster

So it happens that right around the time I decided it might be a good idea to have some sort of wedding diet going on, I found myself with a large bunch of banana and a 3 day work trip. I do not like brown bananas one bit. In fact I quite enjoy the green kind. Now there are only three ways I know how to get rid of a unwanted, somewhat brown banana: Banana bread, Smoothie/Milkshake, and Bananas Foster.

Of course a nice fruit smoothie would have been the ultimate diet decision but I am just not that kind of gal. At this point Jordan enter my debate as to what to do with the bananas. He is a big fan of Banana Foster. We have had many a great experience with this in restaurants. However, he never was a part of my mom's infamous experiments at home. Well, right then and there the decision was made to make Bananas Foster.

My recipe is somewhat simple and probably not quite right but for a quick fix desert that is absolutely wonderful here it goes.
2 bananas
2 tbsp butter
1/4 C brown sugar
1tbsp rum
vanilla ice cream
1. Slice banana on plate.
2. Melt butter and brown sugar in saute pan till bubbling and add bananas.
3. Coat bananas with sauce. I tend to let them sit for about a minute and then flip the bananas to cook other side.
4. Add rum to pan and light with match. (This is the set that makes my mom's renditions of this desert infamous). Turn off heat and remove from stove top.
5. Pour over vanilla ice cream. It is extremely helpful to have a partner dish out the ice cream so it is ready at this point for topping.

Notice the flames at the top of the photo. Much cooler in real life.

This takes like 5 minutes total and has less than 5 ingredients, at least my version does. It is extremely delicious and often makes me very sad when my bowl is empty. If you are not big on the alcohol you can simply leave it out. The best part is the butter sugar mixture. However, a big part of the fun is lighting the whole thing on fire which only works with the Rum.


  1. This looks so good...but eee, you're brave doing the lighting on fire thing. I'm pretty adventurous in the kitchen and will try anything, but I have visions of the entire stove torching...I hate even having to light the gas w/ a lighter when the spark-thingy doesn't work. So, you lit it while the flame was still on? Or turn the heat off first? You've given me courage...I may have to give this a try soon. ;)

  2. Turn the stove off but immediately pour in the rum and light the match. It has to be pretty hot still. However, I must confess that I am pretty chicken too and Jordan is the one with the match. I would never get my hand so close to the flame. Good luck it is delicious and well worth it. The lighting on fire is cool but not necessary to make it either - just so you know.


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