Wednesday, February 20, 2013

WIAW in Michigan

The last few days I have survived on lattes.  Starbucks lattes.  With soy milk.  Love.

I thought my husband was a bit crazy when he suggested frozen yogurt for dessert this week. After all I spent all weekend trying to warm up.  Surprisingly we weren't the only ones with this idea.  No fewer than 6 families came and went as we were eating.  I smuggled in two dark chocolate Reese's cups to add to my cup.  Mr. J just shook his head in disbelief. 

I took this photo at the San Diego zoo. They had some open greenhouses.  I keep looking at it and thinking Spring.

During my trip to Michigan I made a side adventure to the Ann Arbor Great Harvest bread. It was only about 10 minutes away but I ended up in a blast of snow.  Not so smart.  I am still debating on whether the trek was worth the sandwich, bread and cookie.  I think yes.

Dinner was like a fifth grader hot lunch.  Burgers, mini tatar tots, and steamed broccoli.  At least there was some green.

When you travel do you bring back food items?


  1. Yes, those pb cups for your frozen yogurt were a good choice

  2. Ah! Me too. Actually, not really, but I have been drinking quite a few soy lattes these day (decaf, of course!) Traveling can be both a joy and a blessing when it comes to food. It sounds like you found some good eats! Thank you for sharing another dose of inspiration. I hope you are having a great week and are staying warm.

  3. Yup, I love a side trip to Great Harvest, too! And husbands will never understand our womanly quirkiness...of course you needed those Reeses in your frozen yogurt!!!

  4. Great Harvest is where I go for my bread here in Michigan.
    And definitely worth a trek on the snow. :)
    I definitely bring back food items from all my travels.


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