Sunday, February 10, 2013

Weekend Edition: Nemo

I guess this is what you would call progress.  Clean cars.  Still a lot of snow. 

Our landlord and his plow truck are stuck a few miles away with unplowed roads in-between.

I watched TV, read, and wrote a few letters.  I really should have prepared with more food.  We have plenty but I keep getting all of these ideas only to realize I am missing ingredients.  Bummer!

What would you do if you could leave your house for 48 hours?

So instead we can talk about what I was up to last week:


              1. Hahaha those pictures say it all! Good to know you stayed safe though. And oh my, those carrot cake pancakes! I need them in my life!

              2. Whoa, that's a ton of snow, Emily!

                PS...great dishes this past week :)

              3. My friend from CT called me today with an almost identical story. Your photos make me realize how crazy you all must be feeling. Try to stay positive; it's supposed to get warmer really soon. Until then, have you tried Hulu? It's free and you can marathon out on vintage shows and British sit-coms. 53 episodes of Quincy got me through Hurricane Sandy. Good luck.

              4. I'm still amazed by all that snow! I don't ever want to see that in my backyard. Loved the dishes this week too. :)


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