Sunday, September 6, 2009

Farmer's markets

One of the few things I enjoy about summer is the abundance of fresh fruit. I love to eat fruit, especially berries. My favorite place to get the fruit is right from the farm but the second best is at the local farmers market. Local is NOT the operative word for me. I will drive a good long ways to get a good farmers market. I tried to be "green" really, but for me it is about taste. I will set aside my yearnings to limit my carbon footprint for a damn good piece of fruit.

I must be honest and say that I have not been the most happy with the selection the Hudson Valley farmer markets. I mean everyone boost about it being so bountiful in the river valley. I have visited about 4 or 5 and found most have fewer than 10 vendors. I am a girl coming from Iowa where the weekly farmer's market goes on for blocks.

The fruit above comes from the Hyde Park market which is held weekly on Saturday mornings. For you NY Times readers there was a recent article a few weeks back talking about the Hudson Valley markets and featured the Hyde Park one. After seeing this I was a bit infuriated. At this point I have lived in the area for about a year and 2 months. This is my second season for farmers markets. Last year twice I visit this so called farmers market on Saturday morning only to find an abandoned drive in movie lot with signs for this market. I clearly thought this whole thing was bogus after never seeing anything on my trips. Then out comes the article with true proof - pictures of Hyde Park farmer's market, people and food included.

Well, off I went on my hunt for my own proof that the Hyde Park farmer's market existed. Of course, it was there and I have yet to find reasoning for why last year it was never open when I tried to come. I cannot complain anymore though. Although small, there was delicious fruit to be had, a wine vendor, cheese, and even a BBQ food cart.

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