Monday, September 7, 2009

A taste of Vermont, part I

While looking for something fun to do on Labor day weekend I had two rules, it had to be somewhat close (within driving distance) and away from any major city. Vermont seemed a logical locale. It is about 3.5-4.5 hours away depending on where in the state you are headed and besides Albany, from my little apartment there is not one big city that could possibly cause a major hang up in traffic. Off to Vermont we go...

Of course as with all of my trips and travel adventures, I researched way in advance where I would be at meal times and what was around to eat. It didn't take long to realize that Vermont was full of more than great restaurants. Vermont is home to Green Mountain coffee, Ben and Jerry's and Cabot creamery. Thus my itinerary took on a few select food locations for visiting. The first being Cabot Creamery in Cabot, Vermont. Don't ask me how the big tractor trail trucks go through the twisting rural Vermont highways. Cabot, Vermont is a little town about 20 minutes from Montpelier.

You may know them for this cheese.

But Cabot Creamery makes all sorts of dairy products including cream cheese, sour cream, butter, yogurt, and dips. At the factory they have all sorts of samples to try, even some varieties of cheeses that are only available at select Vermont locations.

The Cabot Creamery factory tour cost a small $2 per adult. You watch a brief 10 minute video about the creamery and the dairy history of Vermont. Then you get a walking tour of the factory. You see the cheese making process as well as some packaging. It was very interesting and even during a holiday weekend they were making cheese. It was very fun and exciting. Below are some of cheese making views you see on the tour.

Obviously there is glass between you and the actual factory floor but the workers come in and out of the rooms during the tour and you feel right in the middle of the action. I have been a long time Cabot cheese fan. They operate as a Co-operative so many of their profits go straight to the farmers. If you can not visit the factory...I am assuming most people won't, go out and try some of the Vermont Cheddar.
Fun fact: Cabot cheddar is naturally lactose free. The lactose is in the whey protein that comes out during the processing. Who knew cheese could be lactose free?


  1. Nice write-up! Thanks for visiting and for posting all the great photos. Sweet! I'm posting a link to your post from our facebook

    Thanks so much!

  2. We visited in July from Indiana. Brought back $100 worth of cheddar in a non-iced cooler and it traveled just fine for about 6 days. When I run out (sooner than expected I am sure) I am going to order some online and not even worry about it arriving in good shape.


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