Saturday, September 26, 2009

New take on an old favorite

One of my favorite family meals is meatballs. My mom makes amazing meatballs. It is one of the special dinners we have whenever I come home. If I am super sweet, which most likely is yes. Or to be more honest my mom is being super sweet, which most definitely is yes, she will make extra to send home with me.
For all of the time I spent growing up in the kitchen, for the longest time I didn't know how to make meatballs. Finally about a year ago I asked my mom to show me. Well, this was quite a task since I hate to handle raw meat. When I was young I wouldn't even touch the wrapped packages in the grocery store. Whoever decided to put the plastic bags in the meat department is a genius, but I digress. Making meatballs certainly requires grabbing raw meat and making the balls. I don't care how skillful you are to mixing the ingredients with a spoon there is absolutely no way to make the little meatballs with just grabbing the meat barehanded. Yuck is all I can say. I tend to hold my breath as I take this step.

Regardless, the point of this post is not raw meat but meatballs. Commonly they are served on the side of pasta but I want you to consider another common way of serving meatballs. A meatball sub! Instead of waiting for the water to boil and then the pasta to cook simply buy some grinder rolls or a nice baguette at the store, heat/toast, and throw on the meatballs with some toast. Its simply, delicious, and filling. Meatball sub sandwiches are a perfect variation on an old favorite.

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