Monday, August 31, 2009

The second attempt: ice cream Ben and Jerry's style

I finally got my official ice cream making book. This cute and witty paperback book was in many of the reviews I read in preparation of buying the ice cream maker. All raved that this was by far the best book to use for recipes; its easy and delicious. The only downfall is that most have raw egg as an ingredient. Although this grosses me out somewhat, I also consumed a lot of raw cookie dough as a child. I am still alive. Thus, I hate to be hypocritical all of a sudden and deny a certain recipe simply due to raw egg usage.
Saturday I experimented with the basic, most popular sweet cream base. This essentially is used in most of the other recipes just with flavorings and sweet candy added in. To be as scientific as possible I wanted to just do the base.

Sweet cream base:
Has anyone ever heard of the five ingredient rule? It is that you can eat anything as long as it only has five ingredients. The theory is with only five ingredients you cannot be eating chemicals and non-natural ingredients. Well, as you can see the sweet cream base has only four. Yes! It is fitting as Ben and Jerry's promotes the use of only the most natural and best ingredients in their ice cream. Well the result was fantastic. (much more solid then the first attempt in 90 degree humid weather). It was thick, smooth, and oh so sweet. I tried it plain and then with a few pieces of heath bar crunch on top. Next time I shall try actually putting more ingredients in for flavor.

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  1. In Germany they have that horrible frothy cream ice cream. I miss the ben and jerry's style of nice hard american ice cream. But to be fair em, how many ingredients are in Heath Bars? Reading Michael Pollan's Defense of Food right now. Looking at tickets to visit either on Thanksgiving or the week before Christmas. I already have parental approval to make a East Coast detour and cut out on some California time. I'll be seeing you soon!


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