Monday, August 10, 2009

I finally bit the big one!

I finally did it. For about the last two months I have been trying to decide whether or not I should buy an ice cream maker.

But a few weekends ago I watched an episode of Sex in the City where the girls discuss how long it takes for you to get over an ex - boyfriend. Charlotte allotted 1/2 the length of the relationship for mourning before officially moving on. This reminded me of a article I read once long ago in a health magazine that you should not have dessert more than once a month. Really, who can abide by this rule? Not me. No one can tell you how long it takes to get over a relationship and I think the same goes for dessert. I am a big fan of ice cream, especially in the summer. I figured why not do it at home? For years I have seen marvelous recipes about making ice cream but all required an ice cream maker. Why should I be left out of this genre of cooking just because I didn't posses this specific piece of equipment?

So, I finally got the Kitchen Aid attachment above for making ice cream. It may be bad for my health but it will be fun experimenting. I will report soon on the first attempts.

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