Sunday, August 2, 2009

Visuals: Why blogging is harder than originally planned

I thought this would be easy. Find time once or twice a week and comment on food things that I eat or made during the week. I certainly always had plenty to comment on before. My mistake was that one of the parts of food blogging that I enjoy the most is the pictures. One of the best things about going to restaurants is the appearance of my plate. The prettier the food the more delicious I think it will be (not always the case in reality).

One of the best things about food blogs are the pictures that go along the recipes or restaurant descriptions. I haven't quite got the knack for the picture part of this blogging thing. Normally as the week progresses I can list about 4 or 5 things as possible topics to write about; however, I always forget the pictures. Whether it is not taking any pictures till the end product as you will see in a post later this week about the cookies I made or completely forgetting the camera till I already arrive at the restaurant, pictures are the hard part. I promise to be more diligent in the future but please forgive my lack of photos in the upcoming posts.

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