Thursday, November 10, 2011

New Haven Pizza: Frank Pepe's Pizza

While stuck in the airport yesterday, I was trying to entertain distract myself from being impatient with my phone.  I found some fun pictures I completely forgot about.  Although I haven't really been able to enjoy it, Connecticut has experience an Indian summer the last few days.  It was 60 degrees last night at 7pm.  Makes it hard to believe we had snow just over a week and a half ago.

The infamous day started with Mr. J and I doing errands at Target.  This is something I look forward to...Mr. J not so much.  My attempt to make the day a bit more bearable led us to Frank Pepe.  Frank Pepe's is one of the two New Haven pizzerias that claim to make the best pizza.  This is one of the places that has walls lined with old school pictures of family member outside of the store as well as many famous autographs of all those who have come in to sample the goodness. 

For a small town, New Haven also claims to be the birth place of pizza and hamburgers.  Go figure!
You can order the famed clam casino pizza...white pizza with clams and bacon or you can make your own.

Frank Pepe's has pizza....just pizza, wine and soda.  It is some good pizza though.  We luckily slide in to one of the last two open tables for an early lunch.  The time we left there was a line of about 20 people waiting to get in...this is with the snowy situation.  The topping come big and flavorful.  If you get garlic you literally get huge garlic cloves.  And the large...well it is enough to fee 6 people.  We got a large and had leftovers for about 3 more meals.  That is with Mr. J's gigantic appetite.  We did watch in amazement as the table of 3 across the way scarf down the whole thing. 

Watching the snow out of the window I think the pizza might have made MY day a bit more bearable not just Mr. J's.


  1. Mmm, love a good pizza, especially in the cold. There's just something reassuring about it. :)

  2. I haven't tried Pepe's. But, i did try Louie's Lunch. If you go, don't ever order ketchup.

  3. The pizza looks delicious! Sounds like a great place to eat!

  4. Good pizza is hard to find. We have a great place by us that we're so thankful for.

  5. The pizza sounds terrific! I live in a town that it took me MONTHS to track down quinoa (I finally ordered on-line...I didn't want to trek over 30 miles away). However, they have the BEST pizza place. Good, homemade stuff that we treat ourselves to a couple times a month...and did so tonight!

    BTW - now that I have quinoa from my mail order source, my grocery store started carrying it! Go figure....

  6. That is my kind of pizza, with those huge garlic cloves! yum.

  7. Clam casino pizza? Interesting... the pizza you chose looks great. Have you ever tried Brazilian pizza? I don't know where they would serve it close to you, but if you get chance TAKE IT. You will not be disappointed.

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