Thursday, July 5, 2012

June Foodzie Box: Boardwalk Treats

Somehow it became July.  Did everyone have a great 4th of July.  It was strange having it midweek but I will take a free Wednesday any day.  I don't know where June went but I guess it came and was over before I knew what happened.  At one point during the month Mr. J and I received our monthly Foodzie Tasting box.  

This month there was no question which box we were going to choose.  The option for the Boardwalk Box was filled with all sorts of summer time sweet treats.  We were drooling before it even arrived.

CB's Nuts*Kingston, WA

Lightly brined and gently roasted with a touch of sea salt, the natural flavor really shines through on these pistachios.  They were delicious. The only downside was finding the random shells after the fact hidden in the couch cushions.

Organic Cherry Vanilla Cotton Candy
Spun City*Santa Clarita, CA

Organic cotton candy?  Yup, its true.  But organic sugar still sings up a lovely, fluffy candy that melts in your mouth from the second it touches the tongue.

Cotton candy grosses me out. This wasn't always the case but someone in my old age :) I cannot think of eating it.  Mr. J was ecstatic that he got this all to himself.  Gone in one sitting.  His poor teeth.

Root Beer
Maine Root*Portland, Maine

Organic cane juice provides just enough sweetness to bring out the flavors of wintergreen, clove and anise.  It's a grown-up handcrafted take on a kid classic. 

This was near and dear to my heart. We have been having Maine Root for years in Maine.  We were so happy to see a Maine product reach the masses through the Foodzie Tasting boxes.

Salty Peanut Salt Water Taffy
The Salty Road*Brooklyn, NY

The ultimate seaside treat is kicked up with creamy peanut butter, local honey, a hint of vanilla bean and the surprising (and delicious) crunch of course sea salt.

Spiced Almond & Pistachio Caramel Corn
CC Made*San Anselmo, CA

The prize in this caramel corn is the flavorful burst of fresh pistachios and almonds; subtle spicing on the almonds leaves a lingering, addictive burn.

This was sweet and spicy all at the same time.  I only wish there could have been a bit more.  

Mini Swirl Lollipop Strawberries and Cream
Hannah's Natural*Tukwila, WA

This lolly is more than just a looker.  It gets its cheery colors and creamy fruity flavor from natural ingredients. We're suckers for this lollipop.

This was a great box.  Sadly, this is the last of our subscription.  We thought about continuing but Foodzie is changing.  Foodzie will become Joyus Food this summer and will no long have monthly subscriptions and thus no more monthly updates.


  1. That's the box we chose too! Those pistachios rocked my world. We're really bummed about the change to Joyus. Loved getting the box each month.

  2. Wow! I would love to have had a box like this! Sounds like so much fun (Kind of like Christmas presents).

  3. What a delicious swan song for Foodzie...too bad about their changes. I remember those days when cotton candy was my favorite treat at the fair...I'm with you these days :)

  4. How fun! Its almost like the Foodie Pen Pal boxes! I love getting surprises like that every month!

  5. Amazing! This looks like such a wonderful box. I'm sad that I didn't know about Foodzie before it changed, I would have loved to partake!

  6. Nice! I would've been fighting your husband for that cotton candy.

  7. You had a stunning selection of treats this month love it :D

    Choc Chip Uru


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