Monday, July 23, 2012

Walter's in Portland, Maine

After a hard day of packing and moving everyone needed some good fuel. We initially wanted to go somewhere close by but that place was closed for summer vacation.  We were a little bummed. What restaurant closes during the Maine summer tourist season?  I guess everyone needs a break at some point.  We will be back.

The closure resulted in us going to the Old Port.  This section of Portland, Maine is amazing.  Narrow, brick streets are loaded with cute and unique shops and restaurants.  We found Walter's,. an old favorite of my mom.

It was my first time here.  The restaurant itself was a bit fancy.  I felt out of place in my nasty moving grime.  Hopefully our waitress didn't notice.

We got some calamari for an appetizer. No photo here. I was starving at this point and we all jumped right in.

CRACKLIN’ CALAMARI tomatoes, slivered red onions, baby greens in a lemon balsamic dressing with parmesan

SHORT RIB all day Okinawan braised, purple Peruvian mash, glazed rainbow baby carrots, sweet and spicy natural jus

My dad got the short ribs. He likes short ribs and ate these right up.  Mr. J got a sample and his description was super tender and really moist.  My kind of meat.

ANGEL LOBSTER whole lobster, garlic white wine, chili flakes, San Marzano tomatoes, basil leaf, angel hair

My mom ended up being the only one with lobster.  We all laughed at the market price of this meal.  We saw a sign just down the way for 2 for $5. Yes, two lobster for five dollars.  Let's just say this wasn't $5 and certainly didn't have two lobsters worth of meat.  We chuckled that it was because they shelled it but then the dish came with shell still around the tail pieces.  Regardless the meal was heaven to my mom so the price at that point really didn't matter.

HANGER STEAK sugar snap peas and local shimeji, big red demi glace, hand cut frites, smoked chile ketchup

Yes, there are some snap peas under that steak.  Good ones at that; I stole a few from Mr. J's plate.

TWIN FILETS chile relleno taquitos, kumquat avocado salsa fresco, ancho demi glace

I had the twin filets of beef.  Everything about this meal was good. The steak was nice and tender.  The taquitos were filled with cheesy, hot peppery greatness. It melted in your mouth.

My biggest problem was that the restaurant was freezing with the A/C blasting but they had a gas fired fire place cranking at the entrance.  I work with facilities.  Heating and cooling at the same time is just no good.  Just sayin'.  If that doesn't bother you, go right ahead and visit.  The food is definitely worth the trip.

Walter’s. Two Portland Square, Portland, ME 04101


  1. All that food looks so fancy! My dad would love that calamari. He gets calamari every. single. time. we go out to eat. The fire/AC thing is a bit odd. Make up your minds, people!

  2. Yum yum yum-that food really looks delicious.

    Stupid restaurants blastin the A/C though *sigh*


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