Saturday, July 21, 2012

Weekend Edition: Kimball Farms and Packing

Even though I was gone all last week, I still needed to go to Maine this weekend.It is going to be a solid 7 nights not in my own bed.  I guess there are worst things. 

My parents are down sizing and we were off to help pack.  Certainly helping is the least we can do after them helping me move four times in the last five years.  Plus they promised me lobster :)

We got stuck in some major traffic on Friday night through Massachusetts.  Thank goodness there is ice cream stands in the summer.  Kimball Farms is a good one.  We tried to miss the traffic with a longer dinner...
 and dessert on the road.

And now without further adieu...

Here is what I was up to this week:


  1. I'd do it for lobster too! These are some great links. Lovin' that cobb salad.

  2. Haha food is always a good incentive, right? The ice cream looks tasty!

  3. This looks gorgeous my friend, I can't get enough of your foodie shots!


  4. Hope you're having a great time in Maine! I would do anything for lobster, too =)

  5. I love lobster! Hope the packing went well.

  6. Looks like a week of good eats! Kimball Farms is on my list...

  7. That dinner looks amazing--I am way overdue for a trip to Maine.


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