Saturday, July 14, 2012

Weekend Edition: July 14th

What is the best way to start off your weekend?  Well an early morning of wild berry picking right outside your front door seems pretty good to me.

Mr. J heard that even if you cannot golf every day you should be swinging your clubs at least 100 times each day for practice. One: who has time to play a round of golf every day?  Two: Isn't it boring just swinging at nothing?

We have had some mishaps in the past with golf club swinging in the apartment so he has now been banished to the outdoors.  In his outdoor adventures he found wild berries. Berries that are now ripe and delicious.  They are screaming to be picked. And pick he did.

Perfect for smoothie toppings.

Here is what I was up to this week:


  1. Mmmm fresh berries and delicious week of food? Has to equal a gorgeous post!


  2. What a wonderful weekend of culinary delights! I love that you went berry picking. I have only done that once in my life. Have a wonderful weekend my friend. ~ Ramona

    1. I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well!

  3. My FIL took out a ceiling fan practicing his golf swing in the house..LOL. And lucky you with the wild berries on your property! Have an excellent weekend, Emily!

  4. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you do with those berries. (I say this as my husband just took off for the club to swing some balls).

  5. I would love to go berry picking! Especially to try out all these delicious recipes!

  6. Still obsessed with those blueberry corn muffins!! And sooo funny that he got banished outside :) We have a hole in our garage wall from a miss-swing... haha

    And so jealous of those wild berries! We have some just over our property line in my neighbors yard and I try and sneak them whenever I can... :)

  7. Hahaha oh dear, did Mr. J break something? Well, clearly getting banished had a silver lining since he found those beautiful berries!

  8. Oh you are so lucky to have berries right in front of your house! It's one of my dream to go berry picking, especially my favorite blueberries... we'll see if I can go next season. And since I love blueberries, your blueberry corn muffins sound so good!! Very summery recipe and I love it!


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