Wednesday, June 12, 2013

#rain and WIAW

Rain, rain go away!   My poor little plants are just about done for...they cannot catch a break with all this rain.  

We are not going to judge my food intake for the day.  OK maybe it a little. It was weird.  Weird in general and weird for me.  

The morning start off bright and early with a trip to the gym.  Mr. J was coming home and therefore I wanted to me home when he got back.  It worked out well because I ended up with a ginormous bagel afterwards.  Two brushings later and I still felt like I had major garlic breath. 

Here is where the weirdness comes in...I had a buffalo chicken salad.  Never in my life have I ordered such a salad. I don't hate buffalo chicken or bleu cheese but I am not in love either.  Small quantities work best.  This salad was not small quantities sort of salad.  Olives were removed.  Yuck!

Buffalo chicken must have been on my mind because I completely forgot dinner plans were for homemade buffalo chicken pizza. It was delicious.  Super hot.  Too much buffalo chicken in one day. 

The day also included two cups of coffee and one cup of tea.  Adding chocolate soy milk to coffee makes it more like dessert than a drink.  My morning cup was gone before I knew what happened.
Do you ever eat too much of the same thing in one day?

What is your favorite snack in the summer? 


  1. I just ate a bagel... I may have to copy the rest of the food too. :)

  2. I accidentally bought Michael a bunch of frozen fish stick things...on the same day I made homemade fish sticks *face palm*

  3. If I love a dish, I could eat it 3 times a day :) Your pizza looks fantastic!


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