Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WIAW: More Travel

I had to make a quick run to Durham, North Carolina this week.  Although I am kind of at my limit for traveling lately with all of the recent trips. I wasn't really dreading this one. The flights weren't crazy times and we ended up getting some great meals. We stay at the Hilton by Duke University.  Breakfast there is pretty good as far as hotel breakfast bars. They have oatmeal and loads of toppings. Plus fresh fruit. The strawberries were delicious and made me miss summer.

Lunch was supposed to be at Chipotle. I have had serious cravings lately for their steak salad bowls. However, when we got there, we saw a Noodle and Co. right next door. I opted for noodles. I got shrimp pad Thai and salad.  They didn't really go together but the salad made the whole meal healthy.

Dinner was a at new place, Piazza Italia. I am glad we branched out because it ended up being so delicious.  I got veal parm with homemade fettuccine Alfredo noodles. So good!!

What is the best meal out you have had recently?


  1. Yeah, having decent fruit at a hotel breakfast can make my day! It looks like you had 3 yummy meals in NC.

  2. I had a great work/food experience today. As a reward (aka bribe) for a totally crazy day, the boss asked me to order an impromptu Thai lunch buffet. I Googled around and found a new place...and everyone loved it. I got stuck with the clean-up, but I also got all the leftovers. Win/win.


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