Wednesday, November 13, 2013

WIAW: It is Wednesday already

It is Wednesday already. It sure comes around fast when you don't work on Monday.  Even with the shortened week I am ready for the weekend.

Breakfast got skipped but I grabbed some pumpkin bread with cranberries made by my mom.  She brought two loaves for the weekend thinking we would need snacks in the city. Of course we had plenty of snacks but they weren't pumpkin bread.  That is OK though, more left for us to enjoy at breakfast time. 

Lunch was on the run at Panera.  I went with my old stand by, chicken cobb avocado salad and broccoli cheddar soup.  The soup was such a welcomed meal as temperatures plummeted on Tuesday.  We even wake up to snow. I was not prepared for snow.

After a long day on the road it was such a good thing to hear about a free happy hour at the hotel.  I quickly grabbed a glass of red wine to make going through the days emails a bit better.

 Dinner was at Longhorn Steakhouse. I like to find the local places when I travel but when times are busy and it is cold out some times the best places are the closes, sure bet meals.  I had a great steak with Brussels sprouts au gratin.  

What do you like to eat when it is super cold out?


  1. When it's super cold out, I'm alllll about soups and stews, too. Although that steak is looking mighty good, too!

  2. I'm all about soup soup soup when it's cold. But that steak looks pretty good! (Just like Amy said!)

  3. I eat loads of soup!! Love your day of food. :)


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