Sunday, January 5, 2014

Weekend Edition: Snow and Productiveness

This weekend we were suppose to head up to Maine for a family party. Then snow came.  And cold, cold temperatures. We decided it best and safest to stay home. It was sad not to be able to see everyone as planned.  We still have box of Christmas presents to deliver. But it was nice not to worry about travel and being able to sleep in our own beds.  

It has been a long while for us to be home on both Saturday and Sunday.  That hasn't happened since early November. Crazy huh?

We took advantage of our time home and did some cleaning, organizing and house betterment.  

We bought a couch. A giant, comfy, cozy couch that I cannot wait to have delivered.  We hung up some bathroom towel holders and replaced toilet seats. That part wasn't glamorous but very much needed. 

  I made soup, brownies and pizza.  Be ready for some fun food recipes next week.

I hope you had an amazing weekend!

In case you missed it, here is what I was up to last week: 


  1. We had snow and freezing rain too... urgh. I actually have not stepped out of the house in 2014,,, weird... but oddly comforting to snuggle and watch movies. :)

  2. Maine is one of my favorite places the summer! :) It's barely January and I'm already over this weather and deep in hibernation mode. Is it spring yet??


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