Sunday, February 2, 2014

Weekend Edition: Painting and Cake

This weekend my parents came down to visit. Part of our non-gift exchange Christmas gift was a weekend of painting in the new house.  After reviewing schedules we picked this weekend. Lucky for us the weather held out and no storms were expected.

Pink Room Before

We got a ton done.  My mom and dad knocked out painting the biggest room in the house and cleaned up wall paper glue, aka the grossest job ever. OK that probably isn't true but it is pretty miserable.  I will be posting some more updates later this week. I don't like to post so much because I don't feel like anything is a finished product yet...not even close.  

Pink Room After (no longer can be called the pink room)
We also made red velvet cake. After years of enjoying red velvet cake at bakeries and restaurants I find managed to make it out home. Boy was it delicious.  More on that tomorrow.

We are going to make some chicken wings and smashed potatoes for the Super Bowl but are fans of either team so the game itself isn't exciting for us.

What were you up to this weekend?

In case you missed it here is what happened last week:


  1. What an awesome gift from you parents!! I need to request that for next Christmas! :)

  2. I love hearing about all your before and after home projects. I love that kind of stuff. Your parents were a big help... great job. I really like the new wall color. :)


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