Sunday, February 9, 2014

Weekend Edition: Taxes and such

This week we got to experience not just one but two snow storms. I think we should consider ourselves lucky that the third one tonight is only going to be a dusting. In general I don't mind snow but I don't like it when it changes plans or makes plans more difficult. With my travel schedule as hectic as it is one storms throws everything off. A nuisance to say the least. 

This weekend I finished our taxes, made cookies and some mac and cheese, and started to tackle the last room with wall paper.

The cookies and mac and cheese were fun.  The taxes and wall paper not so much.   I guess you can call the weekend balanced if nothing else. 

Today we woke up with a craving for breakfast. Mr J wanted eggs, bacon and potatoes. I wanted waffles. We had a little of both. It was a good morning.

In case you missed it, here is what I was up to last week:


  1. This snow and COLD weather is getting very old. More subzero temps tomorrow...ugh. Great recipes this week, Emily :)

  2. Yikes. I haven`t seen snow since November!
    I am swooning over that spinach pull apart bread :)

  3. Taxes and baking sounds like my last week! That cake looks incredible!

  4. I'm so tired of the snow, but I will say that it will make spring all the more wonderful when it finally arrives!! :) Stay warm!!

  5. It's time for spring to make an appearances... Frosty the snowman is no longer welcome at my house. :)


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