Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Miami and #WIAW

Mr. J and I decided to take a few days off and go somewhere warm. We ended up in Miami.

After a few days in Miami and a fairly mundane hotel breakfast, we jumped ship to be on the beach.  This hotel had a way better breakfast.  Hello, vanilla lemon Greek yogurt. The mini chocolate croissant didn't hurt either. 

We explored quite a bit in the few days we were in town, including a day in the Everglades. We found ourselves in Everglades City for lunch and had a wonderful meal right on the water.  The sunshine was glorious and so was the food. 

We also made a pit stop in Little Havana at Versailles. It was an interesting place to eat. Lots of people watching for sure. We both got two different combination platters so we could sample everything. 

Short rib pizza with dandelion greens, sweet onions and Gruyere cheese also made an appearance from Michael's Genuine Food and Drink.

Sunshine and 80 degree temperatures begs for ice cream.  This was dulce de leche and oatmeal, cinnamon crunch. And yes it was as wonderful as it sounds.  

I will be posting more about our fun times in the coming days.

What did you eat Wednesday?


  1. Short rib pizza? Now that's a pizza topping i'd never heard of before. I bet the reminder of their menu is awesome!

  2. omg how fun! Miami!! That food all looks spectacular!

  3. Wow that pizza looks awesome! I bet it tasted even better!

  4. That sounds like fun to just head to Miami!

  5. Your food is making me hungry... I want little bit all those dishes right now for breakfast. :)


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