Thursday, November 6, 2014

Miami Culinary Tours

One of the activities we planned for our trip was a food tour with Miami Culinary Tours. They have four or five area tours but because of scheduling the only one we could make was the South Beach tour. The website gave lots of details for each tour and I knew whatever one we took would be great. 

There is a variety of food for each tour.  And although they do not accommodate for food preferences they gladly gave me two substitutions since alcohol and raw fish is frowned upon when you are pregnant. 

The first stop was a Colombian restaurant.  It was a sit down stop where we sampled empanadas, ceviche, and a beer cocktail. I got a creamy fruit soda and a chicken swap out.  All was good and very filling.  The portions were huge so there was no worries about leaving the tour hungry.  

The next stop was a grab and good for an Argentinian churro.  I am not a huge fan of churros but this one was super good. It was so fresh. The outside was crispy but the center was soft and there was dulce de leche filling in the center. 

The tour goes into the history and culture of South Beach from when it was first populated through present. We walked down Ocean Drive to see the Art Deco buildings as well as the Versace mansion.

Another stop on the tour was a Cuban restaurant, Habanos. Here we took a sit down break and sampled some Cuban comfort foods and a bowl full of plantain chips. 

We also got a sample of Cuban coffee. It was the littlest shot of coffee ever but it was super strong. I had about two sips before passing it along to Mr. J.  Not because it wasn't good but because it was getting late and there was no way I would fall asleep if I had much more. 

The last savory stop was Block pizza where we sampled little sandwiches made with mother dough from over 300 years ago.  

At this point I was beyond stuffed but I wasn't going to say no to the last tasting of gelato.  

The gelato machine was so cool. It was a little circular space ship that spun around to keep all flavors at a consistent temperature. This little treat was the perfect way to end the night. 

We had a great time and are so glad we took the time to do this tour. The only regret is that we did it on our last night. Our guide was so informative and gave lots of insight of the area for things to do and eat.  I guess we might need to plan another trip to Miami.


  1. so much fun! and ooooh that churro and the gelato! YUM!

  2. It's so great you are traveling so much while pregnant. I never went anywhere... then life has not changed much and I'm still pretty much stuck at home. LOL! This looked like a great tour!


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